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Basic Business Education
Business Owner Development
Basic Business Education
It is fairly easy to start a business. It is much more difficult to succeed in business. There are so many factors that are involved.

Businesses usually do not succeed if the owners:
   •  Choose the wrong business opportunity
   •  Engaged in poor planning and design
   •  Take the wrong approach to the opportunity
   •  Do not prepare properly for the opportunity
   •  Do not market their business properly
   •  Mis-manage the financial income to the business
   •  Have a poorly designed operation
   •  Have no contingency strategies in place
   •  Lack solid management skills and experience
   •  Have poor customer service policies in place and so forth

Worldvoice Business Resources offers five (5) basic workshops (in sequence) that will improve, significantly, the probability of your business success. Each workshop carries an investment of $25.

Participants must earn the right to qualify for each successive workshop by completing the assigned homework and business preparation for the previously attended workshop. In this way, no one falls behind. For this reason, participants cannot prepay for all five workshops.

Many participants have started businesses that are stalled or struggling. These workshops are designed to help you. Others will have engaged in part-time hobbies or "hustles" for supplemental cash for many years. If this lifestyle is preferable to a more responsible approach to business ownership, then you are encouraged to stay with it.

Participants in these workshops will have a focused interest in creating a thriving enterprise that is designed to grow, employ people and add to the local community's culture.