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Customer Service
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Customers Expect Excellent Customer Service...Always!
Regardless of the size of your business, when it comes to your customers, you cannot have enough. If your customer base has stabilized, stagnated or declined, it simply indicates that you did one or all of the following:

• Stopped doing something your customers liked
• Started doing something they did not like
• Negatively changed your relationship with them
• Changed your priorities regarding customer satisfaction

Sometimes businesses are not aware that their customer's perceptions have changed. Proper customer research can reveal this. It should be an on-going function of the business every month if they cannot do it daily or weekly.

This information from customer research must be used to improve training and support of front-line employees who interact with customers daily. Most employees learn quickly the basics of customer service: asking appropriate questions, identifying hidden concerns, effective listening, probing for and defining critical concerns and allowing angry customers to vent.

Effective training and support encompasses a great deal more. It involves creating a culture of trust, cooperation, good character, independence and responsibility. Such a culture empowers its employees to accept complete ownership of customer issues as well as the authority to resolve them to completion. In other words, there is no putting customers on hold to locate a supervisor. There is no transferring to another department. There is no admission of work scope limitations. It becomes a "no excuses" workplace.

Customers should know that whoever answers their call is entirely capable of servicing their issue(s) to completion. Customers should expect a positive resolution in a timely fashion no matter when and why they called. Customers choose to spend their disposable income with your organization for a product and/or service that they have been led to believe, by your advertising, is worth their money.

When there is an issue, customers expect excellent customer service, ALWAYS!  As the recipient of their patronage, why would superior customer service not be your highest priority? Customers can disappear for a variety of reasons:  changes in competition, finances, economy, priorities, perception and so on.

It is never a good idea to devalue the perceptions, sentiments and importance of your customers for any reason. The wise leadership team, of any organization, accepts customer responses as a progressively intense desire to help with issues that will keep your organization at the top of their purchasing priority.
So, you're going to come in and tell me how to run my business? So, you're going to come in and tell me how to run my business?
I work too hard to put up with this kind of service!!! I work too hard to put up with this kind of service!!!
Well, the "BILLING" Department obviously does their job... Well, the "BILLING" Department obviously does their job...