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Customer Service
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Customers, patrons, clients and members communicate often although many organizations are not positioned to respond to them correctly or effectively.

When was the last time that you or your management responded to a customer rant concerning a particular policy, service failure or technical blunder that you learned about on a recorded call? 

Seldom does management get involved, even when the issue is beyond the customer service personnel's scope of authority.
We hope that the caller was just venting with no further action.

When was the last time you or your management heeded the advice directly from your front-line employees to make business changes based on a constant customer outcry? Perhaps it was submitted for consideration in the "review" black hole.

Have your employees been taught to read the body language of the visitors to your establishment? Do your employees know how to read verbal cues of callers while they listen patiently for them to state their concerns?
What you and your employees miss, in these critical situations, can be the difference between a happy customer who will advertise your business for you through word of mouth and one who is dissatisfied,  will leave you and warn others to do the same or stay away from your business activities altogether.

Guided feedback forms and generic service evaluations usually do not provide the quality of intimacy that businesses require in order to develop the proper relationship with customers.

Organizations must use a personal touch in creating the  kind of relationship where customers are encouraged to reach out to your organization with their  concerns

It is important to note that customers, of all backgrounds, desire this level of intimacy wherever they have chosen to spend the money.

Customers often warn businesses many times that they are planning to leave and go to a competitor. The reason they actually follow through and do so is because they received an insincere or no response from their communication.
What You Do Not Know About Your Customers Could Ruin Your Organization!
It is AMAZING what we have been missing about our customers! It is AMAZING what we have been missing about our customers!