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When it concerns Customer Service Program Success, it is crucial that you are clear as to what kind of organization you are managing. All but the "Customer-Centered" focused organization is limiting in multiple ways to the leadership. The possibilities are these:

• Operation Centered organization embraces customer service as a "customer handling" function. Within this organization, customers are handled like any other issue with which the organization must deal. The goal is to make the customers feel "serviced." The customer always has the impression is that "something" is being done. The downside is that customer service philosophy is primarily concerned with customer impression with no real benefit for the company.

• Management Centered organizations respond to customer concerns according to those that are most pressing. For example, if technical issues are the biggest complaint, then that becomes among the top priorities for resolution. With this approach, the top concerns will always receive priority among customer issues. The company gains no tangible advantage from this position other than a "happy customer" percentage.

• Profit Centered organizations view customer service activity as an indicator of where company profitability could or would be jeopardized. The company responds to customer issues only as it might affect profits. A minimum standard of customer care is always in place that will assure continued profitability. This is the primary advantage to the company.

• Product/Service Centered customer service is largely a product research barometer. Product/service improvement is largely dictated by customer feedback via the customer service department. Customer concerns outside of product or service improvement receive considerably less attention by comparison. This is a very strong company leadership advantage however.

• Customer Centered organizations have the opportunity, literally, to enjoy the best of all worlds. With this focus, complete customer satisfaction is the goal. That means that every area and level of customer concern is a priority to the organization's management. Although this may seem like a distraction to other business activities, it is the richest opportunity to enhance every business activity that the organization values.

This customer service program can literally be configured to be a continuous source of customer research, feedback and evaluation. As customer concerns are dealt with and processed, management can channel a consistent stream of real-time information to every affected department.

Departmental managers get daily feedback, directly from their most credible source, regarding efficiency, effectiveness and quality of operation. Marketing, public relations, training and all other departments benefit.

This all-encompassing customer feedback machine can be used to track trends, forecast demand, set price points and virtually any other metric where the company has a concern.
A "Customer Centered" Organization is the Pinnacle of Customer Service Excellence
I haven't heard this any of this before... I haven't heard this any of this before...
I already knew that!!! Get your customer service program updated... I already knew that!!! Get your customer service program updated...