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I am Michael G. Kamau, founder of Worldvoice Business Resources, Inc.  I am primarily a contracting consultant.  When I have contracts that require a bigger and better brain than I have, I contract the most accomplished professionals that I can find to deliver superior results. 

My vision is to elevate the standard for customer care and end marginal customer service programs and practices within every reputable company.

My mission is to deliver the best quality of service at competitive rates to any organization (business, church or community) that values and embodies good character, a positive public image and an excellent relationship with its customers.

I worked in television, corporate training, market research, online customer service, taught college, and mastered customer service training and management.  In addition to business ownership, I am a public speaker and author of the book "Our Whole Life Is Our Whole Responsibility."
A successful Customer Service Program is the most important buffer between an organization's employee mistakes, management missteps, technological glitches, economical fluctuations, threatening industrial trends and unforeseen circumstances that would negatively impact your business activities that your organization can have.

Worldvoice Business Resources originally went into business, in May of 2008, to service small and start-up business concerns. The idea was to provide "Concierge" business services for those owners who were too busy running their businesses to learn about the latest industrial trends, technological advances, Information Technology (devices, software and services) services and so on.

It soon proved to be fruitless as a global economic downturn forced many of those who were unprepared and poorly funded out of business. With each conversation with a client, I learned that their primary concern was holding onto their customer base, no matter how small.

The one common denominator with each of the businesses with which I worked and several others that I observed and researched, as they drowned in the economic whirlpool, was that none of them had a formal customer service program in place.

A solid customer service program is the most valuable resource a business can have once it is past its initial growth stage. It will keep your business solvent through challenging economic periods and will contribute significantly to your business growth through more stable periods.
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